Building a Website with WIX

My GreatWork Spaces Inc. operates several Co-Working and Shared Offices Spaces in Metro Manila Philippines.

I was part of the team since they first launched their pioneer branch. I have been in charge of creative direction, brand image, and update of website design and development.

The Problem:
Web developers hired in 2018 behind the first launched website left the team in early 2020, and the company has been unable to update their website since then.

During GreatWork’s year-end business planning session of year 2021, it was determined that GreatWork could have had more sales and possibly a higher SEO ranking if the website had been updated.

The team then determined these lacking key features:

  • Updated contact details – Which lead to a lost opportunity for client lead generation
  • Book online feature – Most of GreatWork’s competitors offer instant booking, payment, and confirmation
  • Team Profile Page – It was determined that a profile page of the team behind GreatWork would help boost confidence in the brand and services

Since outsourcing the project would be too costly for the company, and full-stack web developers were scarce to hire, I volunteered for the project and worked on ideation to development in a week’s time.

The vision & solution:

  • To create a beautiful landing page to showcase the co-working spaces of GreatWork
  • To add all the key lacking features the team determined
  • To add features for CRM and live chat

Limitations: Since we did not have any full-stack web developers and I am not versed in code, we had to settle for a website builder. I did my best to customize the free wix design based on the approved prototype.

Why WIX?

  • From my experience, WIX is one of the easiest website builders to manage. I prioritized ease of use for product continuity because the team who will be managing the website after its creation do not have any experience with website builders or website management.

Final Product:

Date: March 2018, January 2022
Client: My GreatWork Spaces Inc
Creative Direction for Branding and Marketing, Web and Mobile App Design + Development