Wareloo is a real estate marketplace that makes it easy and efficient for business-owners and investors to find the best possible warehouse and/or industrial listing. With a team of licensed professionals, they validate property listings, maintain a database, and manage a trusted platform for secured property transactions.

I had a 3 week period from ideation to development. I worked closely with the founder of Wareloo during this time, here are some key achievements below:

  • We had 2 days of intensive design sprints, to efficiently identify the problem, to ideate for solutions, to prototyping, and finally developing the final product.
  • Adaptability despite limitations – Without any full-stack web developers on the team, I needed to adapt and find a solution to still execute the design the client wanted while still being cost-efficient. I then researched on readily available templates and discovered a WordPress theme that closely matched the prototypes which I presented.
  • Set-Up to Launch – I conducted an in-depth research to determine and execute which hosting platform to register the Wareloo domain with, the storage plan needed for at least 2,000 property listings, and setting-up their professional e-mail.

Understanding the Core Problem:
I interviewed the core operations team behind Wareloo and it was revealed that:

  • Property owners are usually unaware about the actual demand in their area.
  • Property owners are interested in a more efficient way to monitor the leads for their properties
  • Clients/Buyers want a convenient way to canvass for properties, compare shortlisted options, and contact property owners directly.

The Vision & Solution
With these insights, we came up with the following key product and design goals:

  • Users should be able to search for properties through different categories : Property Type, Location, and Key Features (i.e Number of Loading Bays, Acceptable Use of Space, etc)
  • Property Owners should be able to create their own profiles, upload their property listings, and manage their own lead generation.
  • Clients/Investors should be able to access a diverse database with ease, navigate through the property listings, and submit their interest to purchase or rent properties directly with ease.
  • Special features to include: Favorites Page, Compare Properties Page, My Profile Page.

Paper Wireframes of proposed design

Lo-Fi Prototype


Final Product

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